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"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of our freedom. It is our job to see that it stays there."   

George Orwell (from his book "1984") 





"Gun Owners of New Jersey    
Thank You for Electing "

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Scott Bach  NRA Director"

 "Ultimately, it is a battle of will and persistence. We must persist no matter what, and

use setbacks to strengthen our resolve and drive us to greater action"       Scott Bach 

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." 

Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.


ISP service from the National Rifle Association


It is time to Cancel your AOL or other anti-2nd Amendment associated services and use the new NRA on-line service with local phone numbers

map No freedom loving American should do business with those that betray our Bill of Rights. It is the opinion of many that  AOL like many ISPs censor, restrict, limit, monitor and channel the users to "politically correct" sites - sites that are anti-freedom and some will say disarming the Bill of Rights the way the social communists had planned in the form USSR. A Disarmed Americans now can say good-bye to our Bill of Rights! The evidence is clear with the attacks on the First Amendment's affirmation of the freedom of speech. Ever think why the Second Amendment came in second? How else protect the first and or the rest of Our God Given Rights?

Ballots and Boycotts Work!

Every enemy of the Constitution for the united States of America must be boycotted.  They must know if they are not a friend of Freedom, the Constitution and American liberty they must know we will not do business with them. Recent example: The Levis Jean company lost more than 50% of their business after they attacked the 2nd Amendment. Guess what? How many gun owners are no longer wearing Levis?



Our Families, Our Country and Our People

Patriots of the New Millenia   

 July 4, 2004

Many are called, few choose to hear, but only the true PATRIOTS answer FREEDOM'S call to defend against the  tyrrany and assault upon our sacred Constitution and  Bill of Rights



 Our Constitution and Uphold Our Bill of Rights


Women's Voice For The Second Amendment

A site for women that support the  Second Amendment



 2nd Amendment  Studies and Reports

What State Constitutions Teach About the Second Amendment     by David B. Kopel

BATF Publications for Firearms Owners



BATF  allows you to purchase directly from dealers weapons considered to be Curios and Relics. Many are fine guns worthy for collectors.

BATF Quick Legal Reference   A  legal reference from the BATF

List of Curio and Relics from the Dept of Treasury      Here is the list of those guns you can buy.            

Application for a Curio and Relics License    - For 30.00 You can get a Curio and Relic License for 3 years!

Special Note: If you apply for any federal license you are entering the "Federal Zone" and that means you give the Federal Government the right to enter your home without notice  Read Paul Andrew Mitchell's "The Federal Zone" at

         BATF Semi-Auto Guide


2nd Amendment in the courts
ARM Yourself with knoledge of the LAW!
Staying current, read and understand the  legal arguments, briefs and filings...

A Second Amendment Case is Moving Toward the U.S. Supreme Court. Silveira v. Lockyer is a current lawsuit that challenges the California semi-auto rifle ban on the basis of Second Amendment protection of our individual right to keep and bear arms.

U.S. v. Emerson - Oct 16, 2001   The 5th U.S. Circut Court of Appeals rules that the right to own and bear arms is an individual right. The strongest ruling in the history of the 2nd Amendment. They can not tax a right! Remember the Poll Tax? Get a copy here and attach it to any and all 2nd Amendment Cases. Excellent case to read. Download it now and read. Pass it on.


 U.S. v. Emerson - Original Filing - Major federal case filled with excellent arguments that the Court can not ignore. Cites to argue right to bear arms. Get this, keep this and cite it for your 2nd Amendment rights case. 

STAPLES v. UNITED STATES, 511 U.S. 600 (1994) U.S. Supreme Court says government must prove Staples knew what he had was a machine gun. Important case because it demonstrates that one must know they are violating the law intentionally to be convicted. ie. ignorance is an excuse and exculpatory!


Superb Collection of Relevant Supreme Court Decisions Supporting Your Rights from Constitution.Org


State v. Nedelkoff,  263 N.E. 2nd 803  - This is a major and important case that teaches the principles of "prima facie" laws.  For those that have an understanding of the law it is a gem of a case. Can also be used to win nearly all speeding and other related regulatory tickets.

 GONJ is not part of or affiliated with the Gun Owners of America (GOA)

"We do support GOA in its goals and mission and activist stance in support of Freedom"

                                              GONJ BOD



GOA Lawsuit to Overturn the Incumbent Protection Act
"GOA... joined Texas Congressman Ron Paul and other groups and individuals who would have their constitutional rights trampled by the McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Act.... The suit alleges that McCain-Feingold gives the Federal Election Commission the power to license and control the nature and content of political communication -- the very core of the First Amendment's Free Speech and Free Press guarantees.... Within 60 days of an election (30 days of a primary), [the Act] would ban GOA TV and radio ads and appearances if those ads even MENTION a congressman or other candidate for office." -- The Gun Owners, July 19, 2002

Court Documents (pdf files)
November 06, 2002 GOA et al Initial Brief      (145K)
November 20, 2002 Opposition Brief of Plaintiffs        (122K)


GONJ Interest Links

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Who the U.S. Supreme Court says are the "people" in the 2nd Amendment!
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The Legal Arsenal for Freedom's Fight
Family Guardian Legal Education Site 2003 The finest family law site on the web. 
One of the Finest Sites on Constitutional Law
Supreme Law Site - Read "The Federal Zone"   Understand your citizenship and jurisdictional status. Are you a state, American or U.S. federal citizen? Know why there is nothing more important in law than establishing your correct and lawful citizenship status. To whom do you wish to submit to? Which government is your master? You are in for an empowering surprise if not a shock! Download your free copy and share it. 

Give Me Liberty.ORG Patriot Bob Schultz's website - Government must be held accountable at every level.



Due to overhwelming demand in system capacity and administration activity they are now availabile from NSP  


O fficial user and maintenance

manuals for some of the great

arms of the world





Freedom from the disability of a legal record 3nd Editon for 2005. The definitive book on clearing criminal and administrative records at all state and federal levels. This is the book that has changed this area of law all across America in the last few years. " A must have book for anyone seeking to clear their records" GONJ Review

Political Action Links


Gun owners of America - Site and Links
Congressional Email Directory
Email the Governor
GOA's Congressional Auto Mailer
Second Amendment Foundation
List of All State and U.S. Congressional Republicans
New Jersey Legislature - Map of Legislative Districts


Links to No Compromise 2nd Amendment Sites


Support ‘Shall-Issue’ in New Jersey


     Assembly Bill A2014 (Shall-Issue) has been held since 1997.  

Senate Bill S1101 to hold local PD’s liable for lack of processing of handgun-

applications within 30 days has also been on hold since 2000. 

Another bill is the ‘smart-gun’ bill to no longer allow non-leo’s to

purchase regular firearms only high priced ‘smart-guns’ (Which don’t even exist)

 Call your local Assemblyman and Senator member NOW to fix these.

 This bill and others on hold affect your 2nd Amendment Rights



Important Files for Download and Distribution to Legislators

Crime, Deterrence, and the Right-to-Carry
Dial 911 and Die! You have No Protection?
Gun Fact and Studies
2nd Amendment  Quotes Site
GUNS - The Untold Story
National Gun Issues - Collection of case law
Gun Facts by Guy Smith - Seperates the myth from the facts

Using the Courts


  Need Law books? 

"Information is the currency of Democracy" Thomas Jefferson

For the Citizen Lawyer an Excellent Collection of Legal Documents- All can be cited in court briefs.

Learn to cite legal sources. All these historical documents are sources of law.

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